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  • [Translate to Japan:] TOX®-FinePress KSFU
    [Translate to Japan:] TOX®-FinePress KSFU
  • [Translate to Japan:] TOX®-C-Frame bench press
    [Translate to Japan:] TOX®-C-Frame bench press
  • [Translate to Japan:] TOX®-2-Column Press MBG, driven by a servo drive from the TOX®-ElectricDrive series
    [Translate to Japan:] TOX®-2-Column Press MBG, driven by a servo drive from the TOX®-ElectricDrive series

System integrator Novotic counts on presses from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK

Novotic S.r.l. has been trading for more than 20 years, and has built an excellent reputation during this time as system integrator and manufacturer of production systems. Renowned mechanical engineers from all over Europe are among its clients. For one of these clients, the Italian gearbox manufacturer Bonfiglioli, Novotic compiled an assembly system for the series production of gearbox assemblies. “The client's demands on the components used were high”, says Manuel Todesco, CTO of Novotic. “The system is a key element for production at Bonfiglioli, therefore not only the quality of the presses and drives, but also the offer of service and delivery reliability had to be just right.” When searching for the correct partner, the Italian company came across the products from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG. The specialists in joining technology based in Weingarten, Germany, analyzed the task and suggested solutions. “We visited TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK and closely examined the proposals. The feedback from our engineers was positive throughout”, says Manuel Todesco. In addition to the tried and tested drives and presses from the TOX® modular system, the delivery and service capacity of the company from Upper Swabia impressed them. “This assured us to have found the right partner”, says the CTO.

Adapted to the tasks

To be able to perform the different required press-in and joining operations on the gearbox assemblies, six press stations are positioned along a workpiece carrier transport system. “Five presses are integrated fully or partially automated into the production line, the sixth is designed as manual workplace”, says Joachim Kreh, Product Manager at TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. “Every press and drive combination is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the respective machining station.” The Italian subsidiary TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK S.r.l, in Milan supplied the systems fully pre-installed, so that Novotic could easily integrate them. The shipping note listed five different press types, four different types of servo drives of the TOX®-ElectricDrive series, the complete control STE E-Drive Control as well as the TOX®softWare.

Perfectly matched components

The first press-in station includes a TOX®-Press of type MBG 015, which is designed as compact 2-column/2-panel construction with ball screw-guided ram plate. An electromechanical servo drive of type EQ-K 100 provides the necessary press force. “The drive provides press forces of up to 100 kilonewton”, says Mr. Kreh. “However, the press can also take a significantly higher load.” The second press-in station requires significantly less power: With a nominal force of 10 kilonewton, the efficient drive TOX®-ElectricDrive EQ-K 010 is perfectly dimensioned for the smaller TOX®-2-Column-Press of type MBG 001.

The basis for the press-in stations 3 and 4 are C-Frame bench presses of type CMB 004. They can receive press forces of up to 52 kilonewton. Press-in station 5 uses another TOX-2-Column Press, in this case of type MBG 008. Its drive of type ElectricDrive EQ-K 055 has a capacity of 55 kilonewton. “The sixth station is something rather special”, the Product Manager states. “Here, comparatively low press forces are requested. For this reason, we have installed a manual workplace.” Press forces of up to 8 kilonewton are available here in the form of a small press of type KSFU from the TOX®-FinePress series.

Complete package from one source

The five automated press-in stations are each equipped with their own power supply and control units of type STE E-Drive Control, adapted to the capacity of the respective servo drive. “Thanks to this decentralized architecture, the other stations remain in use, even if one of them should face a disturbance”, says Mr. Kreh. The presses are operated by means of the TOX®softWare. It includes all required programs for fast and simple configuration, parameterization, visualization and diagnosis of the stations.


“The simple and intuitive operation of the systems is great”, says Mr. Todesco. This also applies to cooperation with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK.


“We are more than pleased about the performance of the systems, the service, the easy handling on schedule as well as the resourcefulness of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. Thanks to the tailored solution from one source, we were able to supply the perfect system to our customer.”

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