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TOX®-eClinching creates electrically excellent conductive connections due to metallic microcontacts.

Power point with low resistance

Like conventional clinching, TOX®-eClinching provides the advantages of the very high retaining forces and easy quality monitoring, but also the excellent electrical conductivity. For this reason, the term TOX®-eClinching summarizes know-how, process competence and the technical systems required for the production of durable electrically conductive connections.

The procedure is ideally suited to the production of electronic components. Possible applications comprise light bands, locking elements and the contacting of battery cells.

Compared to conventional solder, welded and screwed connections, TOX®-eClinching provides a better alternative, as the surfaces do not require pretreatment and the process does not need any heat input.

Application examples/Customer parts

  • Pre-fuse box for residual currents up to 250A
  • Electrical auxilary heater
  • Busbar with fuses and capacitor
  • Control box for Li-Ion battery
  • Busbar for building automation
  • Pre-fuse box for fuses up to 150A
  • U busbar with fuses
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